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                                        Opening Hours     

Mon to Fri 8.30 am till 7.30 pm

     Early evening appointments are possible with a little more notice
    and  Saturday appointments are possible but have to be booked  in
    advance by Fri 6pm at the latest

Generally, but not always, we need 24 hours notice to book to avoid
   disapointment - some times if you call early on the day there may
   be a possibility of an appointment later that afternoon. It is always
   best to call before 10am before we start our first appointments
   for the day - we do get very busy some times and can't get to the phone.
Please call on your own phone, home or mobile, - we do not respond to anonymous callers,
   with held numbers or texts - We spend time on initial call, please allow yourself  time for this.

      A word of caution and courtesy, Please do not make an appointment if  you are uncertain of your
or it is likely to change at short notice; we reserve the full time in our schedule for you and only
      for you, when you book a  massage therapy, and  it is  set in stone for us
from the minute you call. we also
     promise that you will have our  un divided  attention during that time. Therefore we consider it also a
     committment on your part. Please consider  that last minute cancellations mean lost time & revenue which
     we cannot afford,  we are running a  business with all the overheads that it entails, we are not working part
     time or running a casual  set up  from home. (not that we infer there is anything wrong with that - but  such  a
     set up may be more casual  in approach and possibly in execeution;  as they  will not have the same
     commercial expenses and committments that we do.) We will provide you with the best massage experience
     of the highest standard;  in beautiful purpose built professional premises;  We only ask that if you do have to
     cancell your appointment, it should be in person on the landline only, (not by text, we may not see it at all.)
     and you must give us at least 24 hours notice, in order that we have at least a chance to re allocate that time.
     (Just like your dentist or doctor would expect.)

      If you are uncertain of your schedule, call early on the day from 8.30 to 9.30 /10am, there is still a  good
      chance we can see you later that day.

Therefore please note that it  is company policy that anyone not turning up, or cancelling at the last moment
never be seen by us in the future: we do expect the courtesy and consideration given to you, to be
     reflected back in your attitude towards us.

To all the lovely, genuine and considerate people who read this, please do forgive us that we do find it
    necessary to say this to the small minority, because it is this minority that spoil our day and cost us time
    and money, adversely affecting our business when we all know they would never tolerate such poor
    behaviour towards themselves; we would prefer these people to make an appointment else where if a
    casual approach is what they are looking for. We are professional in every sense of the word.

     If you are running a little late, more than 10 minutes, for example stuck in un expected traffic, please do call
    and let us know so that we may  be able to accomodate  your late arrival; by the same token if we are running
     more than a  few minutes late, we would have the courtesy to  call you if possible, unless you are driving,
    then we will leave a voice  mail & text you, to let you know, but as I mentioned we run a tight ship, so this
    rarely happens. But  bad weather and motorway hold ups can  adversly affect journeys beyond our control.
    We do expect 24 hours notice for a cancellation as a general rule, (just like your dentist or chiropodist)
    we need to be able to offer that appointment time to another client, without proper notice we would be
    unable to do that and we would lose business.

                   A Warm welcome a waits you
   Welcome to the Serene Experience

Please call either on your home land line or your personal mobile phone, 
   (calling from a work line is anonymous.) You will need a mobile contact
   number in order to make an appointment, as we need to  have a thread
   of contact on the day of your appointment, for example if you were
   running late, or took a wrong turn; we would need to know as soon as
   possible in the interests of our running a smooth schedule. we know that
   you also want to be seen by a calm therapist, who is not rushing.

New Clients are expected to confirm an advance appointment 24 hours
   before - so we know you have not changed your schedule,

   All initial calls are monitored on the mobile number before we give out the
   landline, appointment number. we save your mobile contact number along
   with your name into our computerised phone system,
so that we always
   know  who we are talking to; this is in the interest of our personal well
   being and to reassure us that we are only allowing decent and genuine
   people access to our services. Of course it goes with out saying that we
   do not respond to withheld numbers, callboxes or texts, this does prevent
   timewasters, nuisances and furtive characters who may target us if we
   allowed them to. We also  know that genuine clients understand and
   appreciate our caution, and the fact  that we only want to deal with
   sincere clients of a certain calibre. We run a very professional set up to
   extremly high standards and your discretion as well as comfort is also
   of the upmost importance to us, you will not be disapointed. We expect our
   Naturist Clients to belong to an Organisation or Affiliation so that we know
   they understand the etiquette that we expect.

Have a pen and paper handy to jot down the landline number when
     you call.
In the first instance call on  -  07717584474  during opening

Best times to call are  from 8.30 am till 9.30am  to be sure of a "live " voice
      before we get  busy for the day.
                          Travelling to the North to stay over night?

We are very close to two Travel Lodge Hotels, please find their link opposite, they can get very
    busy, in particular  at week ends.  I also recomend that even if you book, that you arrive to claim
    your room as early  as you possible on the day.
Good Motorway connections from the M1 and M56 - we are based just off the Manchster Circular M60
                           Clear directions will be given when you make your first appointment.
Gold star awarded if you managed to read through all of that! so here again is the number to call in the
    first instance to make an appointment -
07717584474. The best time to call is 8.30 to 10 am, after that
    we may be busy! We nearly always need
at least 24 hours notice to avoid disapointment. Many clients
    visiting Manchester book way ahead of time to be sure the time they want is reserved for them; we then
    just ask for confirmation early on the the day before. (24 hours notice)
  If you are planning a business trip to Manchester you
  can book in advance up to a month a head with us to
  fit in with your schedule, we just ask you to confirm 24
  hours before. So it's nice to know there is not
just the
  business to look forward to on your trip ... and its set
  in stone for you unless you release the appointment
  time the day before - because things can change.
  And Finally
   We look forward to  hearing from you
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