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Welcome to Serene Naturist Couple

      Our secure off road parking means you can really relax and not worry.

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So what is a couples massage?

    This may mean different things to different people, so I will explain here what it means to us,
     and how we go about things.

     It is company policy that the lady
must make the initial call to us. Sorry guys, but we have
    learned that otherwise  there will be a number of guys wanting to discuss their wife swopping
    fantasies etc. with us, but that's not what we are offering, ... and
neither are we a chat line!
    which is really who they ought to be calling - so
we don't have the time to waste indulging in
    any phone fantasies - as it has always been the men, (sorry just truthful,) who attempt what we
    regard as nuisance calls, by asking the lady to call, this cuts everything back to the genuine
    couples. If at any time anyone compromises our professional Status or reputation during a
    phone call or makes us feel in any way un comfortable, then the call will not be taken any
    further or an appointment offered. We only discuss Traditional and Nationally accredited
    and recognised therapies on the phone. So if it is a genuine couple massage experience you
    are looking for, then read on ...  if not kindly look else where. You  do need to allow about
    3 hours in your schedule for the both of you.
A naturist massage together can be a wonderful way to affirm your closeness, or to rekindle a
    romantic flame by taking the time out to do some thing lovely and relaxing together. It is a
    special and a memorable way to celebrate a special occassion. I often see my self as a catalyst,
    a sort of a cupid figure, allowing and showing a couple how to massage, how to nuture and be
    tender with each other.

    On your first visit there will still be a short consultation, which we usually do in tandem,
    please don't worry, its just medical information, its entirely confidential. We also discuss
    your therapy, what oils, creams and lotions you prefer; if you would like the face, hands and feet
    included. You are then both shown in to the therapy room together.

    Etiquette states that the lady should receive the massage first, this is a thorough and
    professional massage by a qualified and experienced lady therapist. The gentleman may sit and
    watch, or if he prefers, and has gotten over any initial shyness may join in the massage, if he is
    observant he will learn a lot. I usually like to include a little break in the proceeding before the
    gentlemens massage, light refreshments will be available, and there is no charge for this.

     Ok, so now its the guy's turn, again the lady may just sit and watch and relax in the
     atmosphere, or she may like to join in. At the end both will be feeling wonderfully relaxed and
     refreshed. It can be a lovely and a bonding experience for two people to share. At the end I like
     to leave the couple alone for a while to linger in the moment and get dressed and ready when
     they are ready. A drink will be offered again before you leave, there is no rush, no hustle bustle,
     just a lovely escape for a short while into a warm and welcoming environment ...

                              That's the Serene Naturist Couple !

At the end of both massages, linger in the moment and the atmosphere
    after  something  to drink and in your own time you can prepare to leave.

THE COST - the cost for a couples massage which can include, face,
    hands and feet for each person and will take about 3 hours,
    The fee for a couples massage is 120 Free refreshments are offered.

             We like the lady to make the initial call to make the appointment please
  Just the two of you together re affirming your bonds of closeness in a
  caring and sympathetic atmosphere, being pampered from head to toe.

Why not treat yourself and your partner for a special occassion, birthday, anniversary or Valentines day?
      Its a lovely and indulgent thing to do to re affirm your closeness as a couple. What a super and original
      surprize! We do always need a little more notice for a Couples booking, because of the time involved, but
      we are also happy to accomodate on a Saturday with enough notice. 
That's the Serene Naturist Couple !
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