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The Naturist  

What is the difference between a professional massage by a trained and qualified  therapist and a naturist
     massage?The only difference is that the person receiving the massage is not encumbered by any towels,
    and the person giving the massage is also "equal status". So both are completely at one with them selves,
    free and natural as the day they were born, without underwear or towels.

     The other difference is that we offer to include the buttocks, but always ask first, so that you don't think us
     cheeky! pardon the pun. As you know professionally trained therapists are taught not to touch what is
     normally hidden under a towel and so this area would not be massaged in a conventional non - naturist
     massage therapy.

To Reasure you, all therapists are fully qualified Federation Members, who have trained in, amongst
     other things, Swedish Body Massage and Aromatherapy, also Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.
     Elements of all of these therapies are included in our pamper package which includes face, hands
     and feet. Time spent in the therapy room is at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. Hot stones and Infra red
     or Novasonic equipment can also be incorporated into the naturist massage at no extra cost.

    You still have the same choice of creams, oils and lotions as the non naturist clients that we see,
    we treat you with the same care, tenderness and consideration, there is only a small difference in that
    we do not need to worry about preserving your modesty. (I know that sounds funny to a naturist, but
    honestly thats how we are taught in the non - naturist world, and between you and me it can be a little
    tedious at times, ... and we have so many towels to wash after preserving so much modesty!)
    Joking apart, your dignity and discretion are of paramount importance to us.

    We do our very best to make you comfortable from the moment you arrive to ensure you leave feeling
    relaxed, pampered and cherished. You will receive a very thorough massage with care and attention.

What is the attraction of a naturist massage? Well if you are already a naturist you will already understand
    that marvellous feeling, uncluttered, unfettered from clothes, a freedom and at oneness with yourself,
    your surroundings and other people. In this state you can truly relax.

   From the point of view of
giving a naturist massage, there is nothing in the way to stop the sweeping,
   flowing movements of the massage, so there is a better flow and sychronisation to the whole massage,
   you simply feel you are giving a better massge because of this and that is rewarding in itself.

Do please allow plenty of time in your schedule, we like to allow you
     time to relax and rest at the end of your massage, make sure you have
     had something to drink, and that you are fully alert and grounded before
     you leave us to drive away.

     There is no rush, no hustle bustle here,
     just peace, well being and calm.
A Naturist Massage - The natural choice
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The Serene  Naturist
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