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Why Shave? Well why does a man shave his face, to feel and look nice, to show the contours of his
   face, and to look neat and tidy. Oh please don't misunderstand me, I personally find a well trimmed
   beard very attractive but I wouldn't want to kiss a cave man for example!

    So just as a lovely smooth shaven face has an appealling and cared for quality, so can the body. After
    all if we just left our body hair to grow and grow, some of us would look pretty unkempt and untidy,
    you know like the cave man I just mentioned.

   It is certainly more comfortable to be shaven in warm weather, and as hairs hold sweat which causes
   bacteria and odour to form, it is definately more hygenic to be at least a little groomed.

   Ladies and gentle man have trimmed and pruned and shaped and shaved all body hair area for ages,
   but  this is where the naturist comes into his/ her own. Once you start to shave it seems you can't stop!
   be careful, before you know where you are you may have turned into a smoothie!

   Shaving Versus Waxing?
      We do wax, but I find it is not compatable with a massage therapy, because it is not relaxing, and some people do
       find it excruciating. So till there is a gentler way to wax universally available, I say that shaving is the compatable

Full body clip or shave - which means exactly that, full body, takes  2 hours plus  -
      depending on exactly what is required.-
Full Body fee is @ 90

Back and Chest, including  Abdomen and Shoulders
      takes about 1 hour 20 mins
fee @ 50

Personal Grooming (Pubic Area ) "Small Shave" - (For ladies & gentlemen)
Either completely shaved  or shaped, (Clipped & shaved,) depending on the finished "style" required this can take
      an hour plus. I do include all the underneath area if required & crack and bottom cheeks as required. I wll get you into
      some unusual positions, but there is nothing to worry about or be embarressed about, I have a very professional
      and sympathetic approach, I will soon put you at ease.
fee @ 40

   Any  shaving  can be offered in conjunction with a full body massage
       (Full body massage  - allow up to one and a half hours  fee  @ 60 )
       eg. a small shave and a professional full body massage totals 100
       You should allow 3 hours in your day for this pampering combination.

       It is important that when you call to book your appointment that you let us know if
       you want a shaving and massage combination - so that we allocate enough time in
       our schedule on the day.


   Welding  the razor with up most care

Especially nice to go on your hols with a lovely smooth body!  Don't feel out of place or self concious  if you are going on a naturist
   holiday, arrive in pristine condition; groomed from head to toe. You are worth it! The ultimate in male pampering - Body grooming.
    There is no set formula, or even formal training to learn to Body Shave, so in the  beginning it can be a case of learning by doing,
    but don't worry I am now  poised and calm welding my razors, like an artist at the easel. So this is how I go about body shaving,
    so you have no need to be nervous, it is very intricate, but not an operation, and I am proud to say I have not injured any one and
    I do shave naturists  on a very regular basis.

    Well if the area is quite long and unkempt, don't be surprized if I make a start with scissors and a comb, just to get the bulk down.
    Then I use a cordless electric  trimmer. Finally its a 3 blade safety razor with gel.

    When the shaving is complete, the freshly shaved area is calmed with witch hazel before a liberal application of antiseptic cream;
    this prevents any nasty rash appearing. I always like to do any shaving before a  massage, that way the cream has a good chance
    to soak in. Any clipping or shaving can be in conjuction with a massage therapy, but does not have to be.
* See prices below

Try the ultimate pampering experience
   for men. Personal Grooming tailored
   to suit your personal needs.

   Followed by a luxourious pamper
   massage - using oils, creams or
   lotions of your choice.
Pampered from head to foot

The  Serene Experience

Freshly groomed -  so smooth and lovely all over
Clipping and Shaving

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The gentle answer to Personal Grooming
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  Electric trimmer heads are washed to remove hair residue and then sanitised in Barbicide after every use.
  All razors are disposable and used only once.

  Where ever possible we use disposable items, like couch covers for your peace of mind and health and
  well being.

Welcome to the Serene Experience
Based in Manchester Just off the M60