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  First Visit

We operate  on a strict prior appointment system, if you are running late or stuck in traffic it is important  that  you let us
      know because of our scheduling. (it is likely we will have appointments booked in after you, unless you are the last one
      of the day, ie an early evening appointment. If it is likely you will be more than 10 or 15 minutes late please do let us know as
      a matter of courtesy, we would also do the same for you.

      On your first  visit there is a short consultation which takes about 15 minutes of our time, it is just medical  information we
      need, (we have to do this in line with our therapy insurance) and it is entirely confidential. We never repeat or divulge any
      information about you to another living soul. If you have been accepted for a naturist therapy please do bring the relevant
      membership card with you as requested to prove your Naturist Status.


The fee for your naturist massage is 60
It includes your face, hands and feet to suit you. Any body grooming is a separate fee,
     please do say at the time of booking if there is grooming so we do allow plenty of time.

      Your massage therapy can include face, hands and feet at no extra cost and takes up to 1 hour and 15 minutes or longer .
     Naturally this fee includes all the products used, and your preferences will be discussed with you before hand. We also have
    infra red and Novasonic equipment which we can incorporate into your therapy at no extra cost, as well as hot stones. We really
    do tailor make you therapy to suit you!

     Please allow yourself a good hour and a half in your schedule on the day, there should be no rush, no hustle bustle and no
     dashing back on to the mad wheel of life! Once we have completed the formality of your consultation you will be shown to
     the therapy room, and on the way  the bath room, should you need to go before the therapy starts. You will then  enter a
     beautifully lit, warm and aromatic room where gentle music is playing. You will be left for a few minutes to get undressed
     and begin to relax in the atmosphere.

    The therapist will join you and she will explain how she is going to start the massage, some clients like to chat, many prefer to
    be still and just simply drift away, your therapist will have been trained to respond to you. If during the course of the massage
    anything feels uncomfortable, please do not be afraid to say so, no one will  be offended, this is your treat and we want you to
    thoroughly enjoy it. We look forward to meeting you, you will receive a very warm welcome.

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We cater for naturist as well as non -
    naturist clients. The premises are
    professional, but not open plan. your
    comfort and discretion are of paramount
    importance to us.

    We operate in a very professional and
    business - like manner, with very high

     You may of course pay by Cheque
     with a bankers card if it is more
     convenient for you. We do not  have
     credit card facilities.
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   Now click on to the contact Page for the number to call to make your first appointment.  We do monitor all initial calls before
    giving our land line out. This is to prevent nuisance calls and to ensure we feel entirely comfortable with the caller before offering
    an appointment. We do reserve the right of refusal and to discriminate against non naturist callers who ask for a naturist massage.
    The best time to call us is always early in the morning before we get busy for the day, 8.30 - to about 10 am is the best time, some
    times  if you call early on the day there may be a chance that you can have an appointment later that day, depending on schedule
    availability. To be certain and to avoid disapointment it is always best to book at least 24 hours ahead of  time as we get very busy.
   Are you ready forYour First  Serene Experience ?

   Relax in comfort and style, Beautiful,
      comfortable therapy rooms.

      if you arrive a little early and get the
      busy message on the phone, we may
      not be quite ready for you. Please sit
      tight, till we call you, we like every
      thing to be pristine and ready for you,
      as you walk in the door. Make sure you
      are parked, either in in our off road
      spaces, or in a good spot on the side
       road, you will be here for a while.
       Please do observe the parking
       restictions, & don't park on the main
       road in the main traffic times. We do
       have 4 off road spaces.
  What to expect on your first visit
  You receive a warm welcome and be offered a drink immediately, your consultation also spends time tailor making your therapy to
   suit you, you will be offered a choice of oils creams and lotions, and inclusion of face, hands and feet and Heat Treatment.
  Until we meet again I wish you Peace and Tranquility
And before you leave us,

  When your therapy has finished, the therapist will wipe away any excess oil, if you have asked for hot stones, you
  will be left to rest with the stones in place for a further 15 minutes. When the therapist returns she will bring you a
  cold drink of your choice and leave you an after care sheet for you to take with you. You will be left to dress  and
  get ready to leave in your own time, there is no rush.
    Escape and Rest and Relax, and be pampered from
        head to toe in beautiful warm and tranquil surroundings
        by a professional caring and sympathetic lady therapist.
      Welcome Serene Naturist

What is a professional full body massage? This is based on the Swedish Body Massage,
                          It includes the back of the shoulders, neck, top and lower front of arms, abdomen. Then the
                          front of the legs (top and lower.) Then you turn over, the back and shoulders, the backs of
   the arms, the backs of the legs (top and lower.) We also offer to include the buttocks in a naturist
  massage. We offer to include the face, hands and feet - incorporating elements of indian head massage
  and reflexology. Few therapists offer to incorporate  face hands and feet, but we feel it is important and
  makes this a  far more comprehensive full body massage -  It  takes about 1hour 20 mins. -  Time to Relax
  We are  happy to offer a FREE "taster" 
   chest grooming using clipping and shaving.
  Just mention when booking